Edmundson Electrical is similar to some of its competitors in many ways, yet the one factor we think sets us apart from everyone else is the quality and professionalism of our people. We genuinely believe that our people are our greatest and most valuable asset and we rely exclusively on our people to deliver outstanding customer service time after time.

They are fully empowered and given the responsibility to make key decisions because they know their local market and what their customers need and expect better than anyone else.

Only people who know that they are valued, trusted and respected can be motivated to excel at what they do. So we invest in our people, train them to be the best that they can be and, in so doing, keep Edmundson at the forefront of the industry.



Our operating philosophy has trust at its centre. Trusting our people empowers them and gives them freedom to make good decisions. Being trusted enables our people to reach their full potential.


We don’t boast about our success. We expect that our people always behave in a humble and polite way to customers, suppliers and our competitors.


We always behave honestly and fairly in our business dealings and are honest with each other. Honesty and transparency defines integrity, reliability and underpins trust.


Business can be demanding and stressful at times, but we must always have the bravery and resilience to keep working hard to succeed even when the going gets tough.


“In my opinion the continual recruitment and development of enthusiastic, motivated people is a critical factor in securing the future success of this great business.”

Head of Training and Development - Edmundson Electrical Ltd


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